Special Needs Viewing

Special family.jpg“Recently I went to the movies with my husband and we saw The Fault in our Stars. A must see if you ask me. This was one of the only movies we’ve ever seen that was 1- without our children and 2- not a special needs viewing.

When we went to look at the menu to see what we wanted we noticed we couldn’t see the menu. I looked around the theater and saw phones being used as lights. We never really had to do this before. Just one of the things I take for granted when seeing a special needs viewing. Next, the movie started, oh my ears!! The volume was so incredibly high I thought. Actually, it was the typical volume of a movie. I had been pampered at the Studio Movie Grill special needs viewings. The volume is perfect in those screenings.

If you haven’t been to a special needs viewing perhaps it is because you do not have a special needs child. I hope that if you have a special needs child you will go check out these unique screenings. The lights are lowered but not completely and the volume is not crazy loud. Children are encouraged to get up and move around if they need to and no one complains if a child makes noises or laughs. There is something really nice about not having to keep your child quiet so others are not offended.

During one of the special needs viewings I have heard feeding pumps, oxygen, suction machines, children making noises or stimming and all I thought was, these people get it. Unless you are a parent of a child labeled special needs you can not understand what it feels like to be somewhere and have your child be their self but by that I mean disrupt others who don’t understand.

Another perk to the special need viewing is the cost. Children with special needs and their siblings get in for free and adult pay a discounted rate. Without this program my family would not be able to see a movie. My husband and I have 8 children. Half of our children have special needs. Every week my children spend most of the day with a babysitter or at the hospital with me. The kids that don’t have appointments stay with the sitter and the ones who do have the appointments and therapies go with me. This is the one time we get to be together as a family and not worry about anything. It is one “normal” thing we get to do and for that I am so grateful. I can not adequately express how much it this program means to me.

Thank you so much Studio Movie Grill for creating non medical memories my family will always cherish.”

Be blessed

Ashlee Beck


10 thoughts on “Special Needs Viewing

  1. this is so true for many of us although we haven’t posted on the blog- many of us are so relieved to just be able to do something as a family and be US!

  2. I have a Down Syndrome grandson and it is awesome to be able to take him and just let him enjoy laughing as loud as he wants as he enjoys the movie. Awesome time together as a family and awesome discussion afterwards. Thanks and please don’t end this special together times for special families!

  3. As a pediatric Occupational Therapist I commend this theater! If there is such a thing in the Bay Area I was unaware of it during the 40 years I worked with my wonderful families. What a gift (not undeserved) for families! I would encourage typically developing families to experience this gift as well. Thank you Studio Grill!

  4. Our family has 5 members, so it’s not often that we get to go to the movies together, but this special needs night that SMG is offering is perfect! Our youngest has down syndrome and it’s hard to reign him in when we are in a public place, but this is going to be great for him and I cannot wait to meet other special needs families!! Thanks so very much SMG!!

  5. Wow! this is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I don’t have a special needs child and was not aware of the need for this. But now that I do, I will tell friends and others about this. This is awesome that Studio Movie Grill provides this. Thank God that these families have a place for their children to enjoy.

  6. Your blog is excellent – so true when you have a child(ren) with special needs and how cool is Studio Movie Grill to not only recognize special needs but to cater to them with special viewings???? How cool are they???? We need to spread the word on this…maybe other companies will follow in their footsteps on these types of “special” offerings. It’s so awesome that communities are getting better educated and more aware of special needs. Rock on.

  7. I absolutely love this. I hope SMG continues this service and that it may be a wonderful example for others.

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