SMG Film and Marketing Assistant Danielle Hawthorne Tells Us Why She Loves Working at SMG

Why SMG? Was it the movies or maybe the people? I would have to say it was a little bit of everything. Having just moved to Dallas a few months ago, I was searching for the right job. You know, the one that gets me excited to head into the office everyday. Which, lets be honest, is not always an easy task. Then I truly believe fate stepped in and led me right to SMG. I received an email one day from the director of a company I had recently interviewed with that read, “This is exactly what you are looking for. You need to apply.” I immediately emailed SMG and the rest is history. I have been extremely impressed with the company and everyone working for it since the moment I stepped through the office doors.

The week before I started work, SMG moved into a new and open office space. The new space is contemporary with glass office walls and floor to ceiling windows. Everyone is pretty spaced out, but in a way it feels like we are all connected. It just flows.

Studio Movie Grill New Office

Studio Movie Grill opened our new Home Office on September 10, 2013.

To make things even better, the people who work here are even more impressive than the space itself! I have never received a more welcoming and warm reception from a company than I have at SMG. Not only are my co-workers some of the most talented professionals I’ve had the opportunity to work with, they are also some of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. I now come into work every day excited about learning and growing with a company I truly believe in.


CEO Brian Schultz poses with SMG home office staff members who participate in today’s Halloween Costume Contest and Chili Cook-off.

Every day is an adventure with SMG. The coolest thing about that is that anyone can be a part of it! There is an SMG slogan that I really didn’t understand before working here, “Change the World One Movie at a Time”.  After becoming a part of the SMG family and seeing all of the joy that this company brings to people through its charity work, special needs, screenings, movie events, fundraisers, the list goes on, I get it and I am so proud to be a part of it.


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