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Western DuPage Special Recreation Association

What has Studio Movie Grill-Wheaton done for us, you ask?

What have they not done for us!

SMG has supported the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) since the day they opened. Creating a partnership together to help one another, we are happy to spread       the word about their Special Screenings for people with disabilities. An opportunity where parents can bring their child to a movie without worrying about them being disruptive, pacing the theatre, or laughing out loud at inappropriate times. WDSRA families our thrilled with these opportunities!

In addition, SMG has provided us with complimentary movie tickets for our day programs, day camps, and our Movie Critics and Cinema Cruisers movie programs. Our participants are constantly asking if we can go back to SMG. The atmosphere, the service, they have it all! Thank you SMG for supporting WDSRA, you are truly making a difference in the community!

Jorie A. Meyer, CTRS

The WDSRA Rec & Roll group enjoys an outing to SMG Wheaton.

The WDSRA Rec & Roll group enjoys an outing to SMG Wheaton.


We’re In Absolute Puppy Love with the Pound Puppies On the Big Screen and Off!


Pound Puppies: Mission Adoption Day at SMG Copperfield. Photo supplied by DJ Hochstetler.

Last month with the SMG Toons series showing of Pound Puppies:  Mission Adoption, we were engaged with a sweet story about the Pound Puppies gang on a mission to find the perfect home for every pup, so we felt inspired to invite our local dog rescues to our theaters to help find homes for real life pound puppies.

Little did I know how incredibly powerful that experience would be.  It’s a no brainer – anyone in his or her right mind loves puppies, and if they don’t, then those folks are just plain mean!  So why then are there so many sweet adorable homeless pups out there?

Let’s face it.  Our economy has been through a rough and tumble couple of years and employment hasn’t been what we’d hoped.  Lots of people became upside down on mortgages and lost their houses, which means our nation has seen an influx of people moving into apartments, which were predominantly occupied historically by single people, so the multifamily housing industry was ill equipped to accommodate families, especially those with pets.

When I began contacting rescues to pair them up with theaters for our Mission Adoption event, I was surprised at how incredibly eager they were to take on our theaters as a venue for an adoption day.  If you think about it – most of the time we see rescues camped out in front of pet supply stores, and how effective can that be?  Aren’t most people headed there because they already have a pet?  So bringing puppies to SMG was an exciting prospect.

So exciting that once my campaign to find rescues to partner with us for Mission Adoption their demand exceeded our supply of space for them to use!  SMG Scottsdale took their Mission Adoption Day and turned it into an Adoption Weekend so that they could accommodate three dog rescues.

As the organizer of the event, I traveled to a few different SMG locations to see how things were going, and got to meet some pretty amazing people and puppies.


This puppy, Iggy, only fourteen weeks old was part of Ginny’s litter saved from her potential euthenization at the shelter where Stephen found her.

At SMG Royal, Stephen Foster from Furgotten Friends had brought in a dachshund named Ginny that had recently given birth and one of her pups.  Stephen had rescued Ginny from the pound before she had her litter, because pregnant females are often the first dogs that get euthanized in public shelters.  If they give birth in the shelter, the newborn puppies are not strong enough to survive long enough to get the vaccinations and medicines they would need live in that environment, and the mother’s weakened immune system after giving birth can make it dangerous for her as well.


An SMG employee plays with Sadie while she recovers from hip surgery. Funds raised at this event will help pay for her second hip surgery.

We also met a dog named Sadie who had just had surgery to correct hip dysplasia, a common ailment in puppies bred in puppy mills that causes their hip bones to be malformed, and therefore walking and standing is painful.  I learned that this is the result of unscrupulous breeders cranking out hordes of puppies to supply pet shops, breeding the same dogs so closely together that they become inbred and have poor genetics and all kinds of health issues.

As SMG Royal, Stephen found homes for 3 dogs, and possible parents for two more, and was able to collect a nice sum of money toward Sadie’s final surgery.


Staked out at SMG Plano for Pound Puppies: Mission Adoption, Texas Little Cuties brought tons of pups in need of new homes.

At SMG Plano, we played host to Texas Little Cuties, a rescue run by our own Executive Chef, Thad Kelley and his wife Melissa.  Melissa told me that she and Thad are currently fostering 78 dogs at their home!

At SMG, Lewisville, I met the folks from A Different Breed and they had brought several small dogs in that needed homes.  The shelter was so happy to work with SMG that they had driven from two and a half hours outside the city to come show their pups that day.


At SMG Lewisville, a young patron gives some love to sweet puppy Toby, who is recovering nicely from surgery to rebuild his mouth after he was found electrocuted from chewing on a live electrical wire.

And, as many rescues do, they had another sweet puppy in need of surgery.  A tiny three lb. dog named Toby had been abandoned by his owners after he had chewed on an electrical wire and gotten stuck to it.  The shock had severely burned one side of his mouth and blown out some of his teeth, but A Different Breed had gotten him two surgeries to restore his face and he was almost ready to move on to a new home.

I only made it to four theaters that day, but I was so proud of the fact that SMG had 10 out of our 12 theaters participating in this event, because I know that there were so many sweet puppies out there in need of homes, food and supplies and I am so thankful we were able to help these organizations that take care of them.

For more photos and details on the event you can check out our Pound Puppies:  Mission Adoption Report.