It’s Blockbuster Time!

It’s that time of year… blockbuster season. May is the official kick-off of the blockbuster summer extravaganza and this year Marvel kicks off the season with Iron Man 3. You have to love Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, not only does he bring charm & wit to the role, he plays a super hero who is so cool he doesn’t have to hide his true identity from the public. Who wouldn’t want to be him? And who doesn’t want to be associated with him? His face is adorning magazines everywhere this month, not only does he save the world from super villains he is the purveyor of fine fashion onscreen and off. In the immortal words of Justin Timberlake…  he is ‘bringing sexy back’.

By the way do you know what film was considered the first blockbuster? It was Spielberg’s Jaws. The term refers to the size & cost of the production but also ties in the financial success of the film. For example Waterworld may have had a big budget, but it flopped so it didn’t earn the term blockbuster, whereas Avengers definitely did last year. I wonder if any records will be broken this year?

When it comes to sexy onscreen Robert Downey Jr is rivaled by Leonardo DiCaprio in this month’s Great Gatsby. And who better to modernize the timeless novel than Baz Luhrmann. Recently while I was in Vegas I heard Todd Phillips (director of the Hangover series) comment that he always imagines Baz Luhrmann as attending the most outrageous parties. If you’ve seen Moulin Rouge you know exactly what he is referring to. But those parties pale in comparison to what he has depicted in Great Gatsby which hits screens a week after Iron Man. I have to admit I’m partial to Luhrmann’s work, being a big fan of his since Strictly Ballroom, but the latest trailer has definitely got me stoked about this film ( I got to have drinks one time with his music director and that guy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pop music. The soundtracks to his movies are often as good as the films themselves. The same week as Great Gatsby we also have Peeples, Tyler Perry’s latest. Similar to Ben Stiller’s Meet The Parents this film depicts the hilarious talents of Craig Robinson opposite the beautiful Kerry Washington. Tyler Perry films are always big at Studio Movie Grill and we expect this film to follow in that tradition.

The next blockbuster hitting the screen in May is Star Trek: Into Darkness. This film is the most highly anticipated film of the month. In the film business we use tracking data to gauge a film’s success and this film is tracking with an 80% must-see rating. Not only was the reboot of the franchise in 2009 a huge success, the studio has definitely kept us waiting a long time for the next installment… four years. And the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain has audiences in a tither. The first movie was about Kirk earning his command, this movie is about proving he deserved it. Paramount recently showed us some extended clips from the film and they were terrific. I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

Then we have the Memorial Day weekend inferno. Squaring off against each other we have the final Hangover movie and Fast & Furious 6. I got to see one of the action sequences from fast & Furious 6 in its entirety, the one with the tank you see in the trailer, and it was phenomenal. Did you know that the Fast & Furious 6 has 4 times more likes than Iron Man 3 on facebook? This film is one of the most exciting films that will be released this summer. But we can’t forget Hangover III. At Studio Movie Grill we love the Hangover movies. What could be better than a movie that should be enjoyed with an alcoholic beverage? And this time they’re returning to Vegas! Throw into the weekend mix the film Epic from Fox Animation. We love family movies at SMG, it’s a great opportunity for families to entertain and feed their children at the same time. And when it’s a great film like Epic it makes it even better.

Yep, it’s going to be a great May…